Twitter Opens First Canadian Office – With CBC Top Exec heading it!

Twitter Canada is officially here!

Kirstine Stewart, one of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s top executives, announced her surprise departure on Monday to head up the first domestic office of Twitter.

Ms. Stewart, the CBC’s executive vice-president of English-language services, will become the managing director of Twitter Canada, where she will focus on partnerships with media companies, other brands and advertisers.

“What I liked most about CBC was showing off great talent, and what I think Twitter does is show off great talent,” Ms. Stewart said in an interview on Monday. “There’s a lot of that here in Canada and that’s I think why they made their move to Canada.”

Twitter’s first Canadian office is likely to focus initially on building advertising and corporate relationships with businesses across the country, as the micro-blogging service ramps up its efforts to generate revenue from sponsored tweets and similar advertising tools. Facebook’s first Canadian officers were focused on similar goals.