The Impact Of Negative Feedback to Your Facebook Page Reach and Edgerank

A great post on Social Fresh today about Edgerank and Page Reach. They conclude that the largest factor affecting your drop in Page Reach recently has been an increased weight on ‘negative feedback’ to your page posts by your fans.

Negative Feedback can be when a user:

  • Clicks ‘Hide’ on your story that appears in their newsfeed (Hide this story)
  • Clicks ‘Hide All’ (Hide all stories from a Page)
  • Reports Spam
  • or Unlikes your Page

They give some stats on which feature users tend to use most:

  • Hide Post: 76%
  • Hide All Posts From Page: 16%
  • Report as Spam: 8%
  • Unlike Page: <1%

Here are some ways you can track your negative feedback:

1. Head to Facebook insights and export your data to take a look at each post’s negative feedback.

2. Go to EdgeRank Checker’s Real-Time Monitor (or a similar analytics vendor) to monitor negative feedback as it happens to your posts. If you’re post is receiving substantial negative feedback right away, take down the post to prevent any further damage.

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  1. Jim says:

    Anyhow, I’m blown away by your idea here, I’ll definitely subscribe to your RSS feed!
    Thanks, so much appreciated!