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Finally! Hootsuite lets you post images directly to Twitter

It’s been a long time coming, but Hootsuite has finally announced today that they are letting users have the ability to post images DIRECTLY to tweets sent to Twitter. Instead if having them uploaded to their ow.ly service

This is great news. Images attract much more engagement on tweets. And the image being directly hosted on Twitter means your photo is seen right within the Twitter home feed and can be tapped to view a larger image without linking to ow.ly to view it.

Here is how to set it up. You will have to do this for each Twitter account in your Hootsuite account.

1. Login to Hootsuite

2. Click your profile picture circle in the top left corner. To show all your connected accounts.

3. Find a Twitter account you want to change settings on, and hover over it, click the gear icon and click the change settings link.

4. You’ll see a section for image upload settings. By default it is set to use ow.ly but it’s now a dropdown you can change. Click it and change it to pics.Twitter.com

5. Save and repeat for all your Twitter accounts.


Images will now directly post to Twitter.




New Dimensions For Twitter Header Image (May 2014)

With Twitter’s new redesign comes new dimensions for their large ‘cover image’ style header that you now get to play with. The real-estate for this header area is now massive, compared to the old one. And you can use it to promote your brand and fit a lot more information.

While Twitter suggests that you upload a 1500 x 500px image, that tends to leave you with an image that gets cut off and doesn’t fit nicely. Instead, use an image that is 1500 x 421px.

Also keep in mind that some areas are not visible depending on the device being used to view your Twitter profile page. Use the style guide below to help!


And here is a guide for all social media platforms!

Bookmark it for future reference or download the pdf below…


Twitter’s Advanced Search Operators

I had to use Twitter’s advanced search operators when creating a Twitter Widget recently, and couldn’t find the old listing of operators. Twitter removed the page.

So for those needing to do advanced Twitter searches, here’s a screenshot of the operators you can use from the old page:

In News

Twitter Opens First Canadian Office – With CBC Top Exec heading it!

Twitter Canada is officially here!

Kirstine Stewart, one of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s top executives, announced her surprise departure on Monday to head up the first domestic office of Twitter.

Ms. Stewart, the CBC’s executive vice-president of English-language services, will become the managing director of Twitter Canada, where she will focus on partnerships with media companies, other brands and advertisers.

“What I liked most about CBC was showing off great talent, and what I think Twitter does is show off great talent,” Ms. Stewart said in an interview on Monday. “There’s a lot of that here in Canada and that’s I think why they made their move to Canada.”

Twitter’s first Canadian office is likely to focus initially on building advertising and corporate relationships with businesses across the country, as the micro-blogging service ramps up its efforts to generate revenue from sponsored tweets and similar advertising tools. Facebook’s first Canadian officers were focused on similar goals.

3 Tactics To Increase Engagement on Twitter

I want to kick start your week with some tips on Twitter. Yes, that social media thing everyone say you need to build up ‘followers’ on. Well, it isn’t so crazy after all! A recent study showed 40% of Twitter users regularly search for products via Twitter. Your audience is searching on it, and you need to be where your customers are. In fact, 43% of marketers said they noticed an improvement in sales due to social campaigns. That’s huge! And if that isn’t enough, social commerce sales are expected to total $9.2 billion by the end of this year and climb to $14.25 billion in 2013, $30 billion in 2015! (more stats here).

If you already have a Twitter account, then here are a few simple ways to increase engagement with your followers. If you don’t have a Twitter account… well then skip to the action step this week.

Once you’ve developed a base of followers, you need to make your Twitter account more interesting – finding ways to encourage people want to tell their friends about your account, so that you can grow your followers exponentially.

1. Organize Tweetups

In many ways, Twitter is really just a large community, and as the community gets to know each other, it’s not uncommon to find that people want to take their online relationship into the offline world. On Twitter, these are often known as “Tweetups” – events planned via Twitter for Tweeters to gather in a specific location and mingle. Tweetups can be a great way to turn your online relationship with the customer into an offline relationship, and potentially improve your brand image and likability.

2. Tweet Secret Offers

Having special offers only available to those following you on Twitter is a great way to make users pay attention to your Tweets… if they miss a great offer, they will make sure to pay attention next time so they don’t miss another! An example of this would be running a coffee shop and having a drink that isn’t on the menu that you can only order if you know the name of the drink – a name given out through the Twitter account. People that like your business will want/need to follow it in order to know the next offer, and that makes your account more relevant to consumers.

3. Integrate a Contesting Element to Your Tweets

Consider integrating contests. Doing something as simple as offering to give away a $5 gift card to Amazon for the funniest caption idea to a photo you post, or giving the first 100 customers to retweet one of your posts a chance to win a free product. Of course the prize will depend on your audience. Don’t forget to include hashtags (such as #contest or #freebie) to your tweet.

Action Step This Week

If you don’t yet have a Twitter account for your business, your action step this week is to make one! Simply visit http://www.twitter.com and type in your Name, E-mail, and a Password.. choose a Twitter username and you’re all set to get started! If you do have an account, start to focus on building your followers and implement one of the 3 tactics above.