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New Social Media Study (2015) – Organic reach at 7%

According to a study recently conducted by Locowise, as of February 2015, the average organic reach for Facebook pages is about 7%. The study found that this number varies according to the number of total likes for a page:

  • Pages with less than 10,000 likes have an average organic reach of 11%
  • Pages with 10,000 – 99,999 likes average 6%
  • Pages with 100,000 likes or more average 5%

The study also found trends in which types of updates generally get the best organic reach, and how the number of likes for a page may influence that number. For example, photo posts average only 7% organic reach in general, but average 11% for pages with less than 10,000 likes. http://locowise.com/blog/facebook-page-reach-study-february-2015

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Facebook Passes YouTube in Video Views?

Not Really…

If a video plays all by itself, without anyone watching it, does it count as a view? Facebook says yes. I think that’s ridiculous.

When I am scrolling through my news feed, I see videos auto playing but I am not actually watching them. If one catches my attention, and I ‘un-mute’ it to actually watch it with sound, then that should count as a ‘watch’. Or maybe if your mouse scrolls over the video to click back to rewind it and watch from the beginning.

Facebook announced the social network delivered nearly a billion more desktop video views than YouTube during the month of August.

Sounds impressive, right? Not when you realize that Facebook’s videos play automatically, without sound. Thus they technically produce “views,” but often without anyone actively watching them.


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Facebook Announces Facebook Media

Do you use Facebook as a marketing tool? Then check out their new hub full of best-practice advice from Facebook at http://media.fb.com

A few items of particular interest:

How to host a Facebook Q and A to talk directly to your audience

How to engage fans on Facebook

How to drive referrals to your digital properties

New US and Canada Social Media Stats

This year, the US and Canada are very close when it comes to social network user penetration stats.

68.0% of internet users in Canada will visit social networking sites at least monthly, compared with 68.6% in the US. These penetration rates are expected to continue to rise according to eMarketer, to the point where Canada will surpass the US by 2017.

US Canada Social media stats

Here’s the stats specifically for Facebook… with Canada beating the US for Facebook usage monthly.

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 11.19.22 PM