Facebook Reach

New Social Media Study (2015) – Organic reach at 7%

According to a study recently conducted by Locowise, as of February 2015, the average organic reach for Facebook pages is about 7%. The study found that this number varies according to the number of total likes for a page:

  • Pages with less than 10,000 likes have an average organic reach of 11%
  • Pages with 10,000 – 99,999 likes average 6%
  • Pages with 100,000 likes or more average 5%

The study also found trends in which types of updates generally get the best organic reach, and how the number of likes for a page may influence that number. For example, photo posts average only 7% organic reach in general, but average 11% for pages with less than 10,000 likes. http://locowise.com/blog/facebook-page-reach-study-february-2015