How to deal with angry customers

A great process I heard today from Charles Duhigg (New York Times reporter and author of “The Power of Habit”) about how to deal with angry customers. Starbucks trains their staff to use the “LATTE” method.

  • L isten (to their complaint)
  • A cknowledge (their complaint)
  • T hank the customer (for complaining)
  • T ake action (doing what they asked)
  • E xplain why the problem occurred (and why it won’t happen again)

Customer satisfaction skyrocketed when they implemented this method.

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  1. Dorothy Le says:

    These days, customers go straight to social media to ask companies a question or to air out their complaints. So it is of the utmost importance that you check your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc.,…probably every second of everyday just so you can be on top of things and nab each complaint right away before it escalades into a public meltdown.

    But just to de-stress your work day, and so you don’t have 50 tabs open on your browser for all your social media, Zendesk is an online software that pulls each urgent question from your social media platforms onto one simple dashboard.

    The software highlights conversations that are urgent and require attention, and brings them onto your main Zendesk page. Each question is then marked as a ticket as a number so that you as the support rep can scroll through the tickets and tackle one at a time. Or you can even tackle more than one ticket at a time too, if you so desire.

    That’s why Zendesk also allows you to collaborate with other department members to solve the issue at hand.

    If you want to add in the benefits of email marketing, you can use the Benchmark-Zendesk plugin to segment all your Zendesk into one contact list. Email marketing is a great way to maintain relationships with your customers, and when combined with superior customer service, there will be less complaints and more happy customers.