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Finally! Hootsuite lets you post images directly to Twitter

It’s been a long time coming, but Hootsuite has finally announced today that they are letting users have the ability to post images DIRECTLY to tweets sent to Twitter. Instead if having them uploaded to their service

This is great news. Images attract much more engagement on tweets. And the image being directly hosted on Twitter means your photo is seen right within the Twitter home feed and can be tapped to view a larger image without linking to to view it.

Here is how to set it up. You will have to do this for each Twitter account in your Hootsuite account.

1. Login to Hootsuite

2. Click your profile picture circle in the top left corner. To show all your connected accounts.

3. Find a Twitter account you want to change settings on, and hover over it, click the gear icon and click the change settings link.

4. You’ll see a section for image upload settings. By default it is set to use but it’s now a dropdown you can change. Click it and change it to

5. Save and repeat for all your Twitter accounts.


Images will now directly post to Twitter.




Will offices be a thing of the past one day? (Richard Branson)

Richard Branson blogged today about how working from home is the future and offices are ‘old school thinking’. Do you think one day that offices will be a thing of the past and we’ll all work from home via technology? Complete work-life balance?

I agree with Richard, it makes complete sense to give people more freedom to have a complete work-life balance and work where they feel most comfortable, while having more time to spend with family.

This comes after a debate started about allowing employees to work from home after Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer announced that they are no longer allowing employees to do so.

I know for me, working from home is great at night I can get a lot done while I can get ‘in the zone’ and I feel more creative in the evening. The downside to working from home that I experience is having distractions that break your work pattern.

What is your stance on this debate? Do you have problems with working from home?

Check out his blog post here.