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YouTube’s New Real-Time Analytics

Now you can get a minute-by-minute look at how many people are viewing your videos. See the estimated real-time viewership for your last 5 published videos both in minute-to-minute form for the last 60 minutes, as well as a sliding window of the last 48 hours. Cool!

For more info you can read the Google Help page here:

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Facebook Announces Facebook Media

Do you use Facebook as a marketing tool? Then check out their new hub full of best-practice advice from Facebook at

A few items of particular interest:

How to host a Facebook Q and A to talk directly to your audience

How to engage fans on Facebook

How to drive referrals to your digital properties

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The Evolution of Google Helpouts

Google Helpouts is a very interesting service that freelancers can use to help others via video chat consulting, and get paid for it. If you haven’t heard of Google Helpouts before, I highly suggest you visit the website and read more about it if you run a consulting business and are looking for new clients.

Here is an infographic about Google Helpouts from DPFOC

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RIP Orkut

Did you know that Google+ wasn’t Google’s first attempt at a social network? Orkut was actually created by Google and was their 1st social media network. Now, 10 years later, Google is shutting it down tomorrow September 30th.

Check out the infographic below to see the interesting history of Orkut in it’s rise, and demise.

Orkut RIP