What Is The Best Day To Promote, Based on Conversion?

According to Clickbank, the difference between days isn’t all that great. In fact, the highest converting day is less than 1 percentage point better than the worst converting day, which should tell us something – sending out your offer on ANY day is far better than never sending it at all.

It’s also important to keep in mind that these numbers are for ALL offers. Some niches will no doubt convert better on weekdays than weekends. Your best bet, as always, is to test, test and test some more.

Here is the breakdown Clickbank gives:

  1. Saturday – 11.13%
  2. Sunday – 11.08%
  3. Tuesday – 10.62%
  4. Monday – 10.50%
  5. Friday – 10.42%
  6. Thursday – 10.39%
  7. Wednesday – 10.32%