3 Ways to Recapture Your Twitter Audience And Boost Engagement

So you have built up a following on Twitter. Great! Now what?

There are a few ways you do things to engage with your followers and in turn, encourage them to tell their friends about you so that you can grow your followers. If you’re noticing that you’ve reached a ‘plateau’ in your followers number and are losing followers as fast as you’re gaining them, it’s time to start implementing some of these strategies to recapture your audience.

1. Organize A Twitter Chat

Imagine meeting up with hundreds of your Twitter followers in one location and chatting about common topics you’re all interested in. While that may not be practical in real-life since your followers are from all over the world, it’s definitely easy to do on Twitter. This is often known as a “Twitter Chat”, an organized event (sometimes occurring at regular times) to tweet on a pre-arranged hashtag. Think of it like a Twitter Party!

To start a Twitter Chat, simply tweet out to your followers that you’re hosting a Twitter Chat during a certain time on a certain date, using a specific hashtag (eg. ‘#designchat’ or shortform your site name so if your website is ‘Best Tool Company’ you could use hashtag ‘#BTCchat’). Then at your pre-determined time, start by welcoming everyone and post a question using Q#:  before the question (replacing # with the number of the question). Your followers can then respond using A#: before their tweet. For example, “Q1: What is the last tool you bought? #BTCchat” and a follower replies “A1: I bought a wrench! #BTCchat”.

You can also list your Twitter Chat on Twebevent, a website that lists and promotes Twitter chats.

2. Tweet Secret Offers

Having special offers only available to those following you on Twitter is a great way to recapture your followers and make your audience pay closer attention to your tweets. An example of this would be running a coffee shop and having a drink that isn’t on the menu that you can only order if you know the name of the drink (a name given out through the Twitter account). People that like your business will want/need to follow it in order to know the next offer, and that makes your account more relevant to consumers.

3. Twitter Quiz Contest

You should also consider integrating contests with your list. You can offer a chance to win a prize or giftcard for the first 100 people that retweet your status, or if you really want to get adventurous you can try hosting a Twitter Quiz contest. These work extremely well. Basically you post quiz questions on your website and have followers Tweet their answer via Twitter. The first person to Tweet the correct answer, wins that round. At the end of the day, the follower who won the most rounds wins. Or, you can make every round win a small prize, and then they get their Twitter username entered into a draw for a larger grand prize.

A company that does this very well is NameCheap (@namecheap). They have a Christmas contest where each hour counting down to Christmas they posted a quiz question about Christmas and the holiday season. The first to answer the question via Twitter won a free domain name. The follow up answers also got entered into a draw to win a prize as well (to encourage people to keep tweeting even once the answer has been tweeted).


Hope these help give you ideas on what to do on Twitter! Let me know what you think! Post a comment below!