13 Lead Generation Tactics for Content Marketers

You’ve targeted a great niche that needs to be filled and you’re creating amazing content your audience will love.

Everything should be working to send you leads like crazy, yet… nothing is happening. Email sign-ups are sluggish, sales have not increased and you’re not sure what to do next.

I came across this fantastic resource for you, it is jam packed with lead gen content marketing techniques and tips. And they also have a downloadable PDF you can get.

Look at the topics covered:

  • How to Create Valuable Free Content that Converts Visitors
  • How to Integrate Content Upgrades that Readers Can’t Ignore
  • How to Use Dedicated Landing Pages with Dedicated “Subscribe Bribes” to Capture Guest Post Traffic
  • How to Capture Leads Using Gated Videos
  • Twitter Lead Generation Cards
  • Harness the Power of SlideShare, Google+, LinkedIn, and more

Visit http://copytactics.com/lead-generation-tactics-for-content-marketers

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    Thanks for the mention Chad!